Terms and Conditions

Parishkaar offers web and server side services. We maintain transparency with the clients in delivering the service and we expect the same from the client. All services provided by Parishkaar are followed by contract. Our company signs an agreement with client before taking up a project to ensure terms and deliverables that are accepted by both client and also Parishkaar (Service Provider). Violation of contract will lead to cancellation of the agreement / service.

Services we provide are relate to Web and Mobile app and hence the services are up and running 24*7.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refund or cancellation as the amount we collect is based on the time spent by the developer. However we request our client to see the work done by us before paying the fee to ensure quality of work, scope and understanding about the project.

As our service is time based, once we receive payment from the client for the services delivered, there wont be any return or refund policy from the company.

Shipping Policy

Our services are based on time (Application Development) and we do not deal with any tangible products, so we do not require any shipping terms.

We do follow Indian service export laws to deliver our service to the clients located across the globe.