Bridging the Technology Gap

Most businesses, small and medium enterprises including Non-profits are on the other side of IT revolution. We help them catchup and achieve their mission using websites, web apps, mobile apps and IoT.

A Place That Helps
Growth of Your Work

Your Success matters. Parishkaar wants to walk with you in every step that leads to growth of your business.


Domain and Hosting

We offer wide range of domain extensions along with enterprise-class cloud hosting. Our domain and hosting services are offered through our partner organization "Eira Host" based in Ireland.

Management Consulting

We provide strategic management consulting to development organizations. We help them in visioning, planning, institution building and fundraising for growth.

Website and eCommerce

Capitalize the boom in eCommerce and enrich your product offering to your customers through our eCommerce solutions. We also implement payment gateway and inventory management solutions.

Mobile Apps

We build Flutter, iOS, Android and Progressive Web Apps and convert your idea into a working product.

Digital Marketing

Bring your business closer to your customer. Using Digital Marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, SMM we help you create and implement digital marketing strategies.

Startups can make
greatest impact.

We work with many startups. We help them with all our tools to digitize their startup ideas and create an online presence for their venture. 

Our Focus: Pico, Nano, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

In reality, startups come in various sizes and sectors. However, Startup is typically misunderstood by many in our econmy. They think startups are only the IT company with huge investment requirement. This is not true. We believe that startups are any enterprises of any size and in any sector capable of scaling up exponentially. At Parishkaar, we provide all tools to make that happen.

Startup Support
Customized Solutions
Anything You Need

We encourage enterprises of all sizes to reach us and share their ideas to scale up. We will help leverage the power of technology to make their dreams come true.


Pricing of our solutions should not come in the way to make your ideas come true.

Most Affordable Technology Partner

We are one of the most affordable technology partner. With over 20 years of  experience in international development, we have blended knowledge, experience and technology to offer cost effective solutions. 

Our Clients

About us

i4D Parishkaar Technologies Private Limited is a registered company in India established to serve the technology needs such as Designing Websites, Creating Mobile Apps, Database Integrated Software Solutions and other IT support. Matenek Technologies is a wing of Parishkaar Technologies established in Timor Leste. Our mission is to fill the gap between people and technology for a better future by offering affordable prices.

Our network ranges from as low as a kiosk to a well-known business. Not only in India, but our services are spread into many other countries like Ireland, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Timor Leste and African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya.

Our team has over 18 years of experience in this designing field. We are proud to serve the needs of a customer by not only providing our web product but also by promoting their business and bringing more clients.

Our Mission: To Connect People and Technology for a better future!

Our Vision: By 2025 Parishkaar will be the leading IT company covering its major operations in rural areas, making rural people introduced to Digital World for a better future that serves their needs for a better Income and better livelihood.

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Parishkaar Technologies
Parishkaar Technologies

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